Signs You're a Nerdfighter

"What's the meaning of life? Other people."

Can we stop scrolling down our dashboards and talk about this picture for just a minute?Okay, thanks. Now, look at the man on the right. Those are the eyes of a man who truly loves the woman he is looking at. I just can’t even comprehend how it must feel to be Hank, spending his unusual life with one of the coolest nerd ladies out there. And Katherine. Although she acts so casual and silly in licking his hand, you can tell she loves him very much, in a not-so-casual way. This is one fine, koala tea example of true love, people. It doesn’t have to be 100% perfect and if someone loves you, you shouldn’t feel that you have to spend your life hiding your silliness and quirkiness from them (I’m talking to you, Bella Swan). 
As a young nerd woman (or perhaps as a young person in general), it’s sometimes hard to believe in true love. There are so many terrible examples of relationships gone sour in the media and in our own lives, that we sometimes forget to recognize some pretty amazing examples of love. And no, they don’t have to be Rory and Amy in Doctor Who. One of the best examples is right here in front of us, in this SYaN post. 
So here’s to you, Hank and Katherine Green. Happy anniversary, and I hope there will be many, many more for years to come. 
  • 20 September 2011
  • 168